Joining the stream of LiveJournal refugees

Like so many other people, I’ve just abandoned LiveJournal due to the increasing entanglement with Russia, the degraded security (they turned off HTTPS for crying out loud!) and the terrible implications of Russian law on speech, particularly political speech and that related to queer topics.

As of today the LiveJournal import plugin built into current (hosted or not) versions WordPress is broken. Furthermore the Internet is littered with fragmentary and incomplete advice about how one might work around this problem. Nevertheless, I persisted 🙂

I managed to export my LiveJournal entries by using ljdump and then importing them into a private, off-the-public-Internet WordPress 2.7.1 instance that still supported the old XML LiveJournal import format. Then I edited the posts and comments in the private instance, and exported them back to WordPress format, then imported them here. I may write more about this and share the tools as soon.


New Game: My #1 Google Creations (without searching for your name)

Here's a Google game I just came up with. The challenge is to find Google searches that return something you've created as the #1 entry without using your name. You get bonus points for short or amusing phrases, or if the results say something interesting about you.

Here are some examples for me: