The mspaint community amuses me. Before sophisticated art software
existed, I played around plenty with Microsoft Paint and other
embarrasingly limited PC painting programs. The first digital paintings
I have are older than the youngest members of mspaint (one dragon illustration is dated 12/19/1989).

To get back to my old-school creative roots, I’ve done a couple new paintings (posted to mspaint,
of course). There’s a certain appealing roughness to the limited
palette and toolset in MS Paint that leads me to loosen up, sort of how
blind contour drawing gets the right side of the brain working more

I’ve always enjoyed creating visual art, but it’s been a long time
since I had a big creative spurt. I could make excuses about the
demands of work, family, etc, but they all sound hollow to me when I
repeat them to myself. In the past few years, I’ve done a lot of
photography, most of it of the family-snapshot variety. I have done a
couple dozen pencil and pen-and-ink drawings, most of them
unremarkable. I’m getting itchy to expand and reorganize the online gallery that I’ve had on the web for 10 years now. As a prelude, I cleaned up and reorganized the loose collection of images I have online.


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