Lost Cat

Puma escaped yesterday, and now we are looking for him.



9 thoughts on “Lost Cat”

  1. awwww, at least he’s got your phone # on his collar – if he is friendly then someone should be getting him back to you. Or he comes back home on his own when he’s hungry. Hope he returns soon!

  2. Hopefully, he hasn’t gone far. You’re in a pretty quiet neighborhood there, maybe he’s close by.

  3. PS — have you tried printing the flyer page and putting it up around the neighborhood? (i’m assuming probably, but just in case…) that seemed to do the trick when brazil disappeared for a couple days. especially in quiet, friendly, suburban neighborhoods.

  4. Well, there are two that look very similar to Puma – (wow – maybe they were siblings) sitting here watching us compute. I hope that he returns or is returned safely and soon. I know what you’re going through. damned cats – why don’t they realize how good they have it in the safety of our homes……

  5. We printed flyers designed specially for posting in the neighborhood. No calls so far, though.

  6. also, (again, i know you guys are smart and thinkin’ pet owners, but JIC) have you called your local animal shelter to check?

    i’ll burn some incense toward his coming home soon.

  7. i don’t know what i would do if something happened to one of our kitties… F. sleeps with me every night. i staid at my friend’s place a couple of weeks ago and i kept waking up and wondering where she was… totally confused.

    i hope you have found her by now. i’m sending all my mojo in your direction.

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