Found Cat

We found our cat Puma tonight under our shed. He had been missing since Tuesday. With the aid of a little food, we managed to lure him out. He seems to be in good shape, fortunately.

I’ve done more belly crawling through the dirt in the past two days than in the past ten years.

I’d like to thank our many neighbors who offered both sympathy and advice.

The sightings on South Hudson, South Highland, and South Garfield were of another forlorn tabby cat who looked much like our Puma at night. This morning the friendly residents of a Highland street home called us over
to take a look, and I saw definitively that the Lost Tabby Cat Of The Northern Unit Blocks Of Arlington Heights was not our cat.

For a picture of the other cat, see my updated lost cat page:


5 thoughts on “Found Cat”

  1. yay! i love a happy ending. and i hope there’s a happy ending for the other stray… what a beautiful boy!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, I’m real happy that so many of your neighbors actually cared enough to help. Lord knows so many people don’t anymore.

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