Puma is Lost Again – $100 Reward for Return!

On Sunday, August 28, 2005 our cat Puma slipped out of the house without anyone noticing immediately. He is an indoor-only cat, and we are very worried about him. He wears a blue collar with a bone-shaped tag bearing his name and our phone number (703-979-4380). If you see Puma, please call Richard or Patricia at 703-979-4380. We live at 300 South Jackson Street. We are offering a $100 reward for his safe return.

Puma is likely to be skittish around strangers, and will be unlikely to approach. Please check in and around your outbuildings; he was found under our shed the last time he escaped.

See our lost cat page for pictures and updates.


1 thought on “Puma is Lost Again – $100 Reward for Return!”

  1. What is that stinker’s problem???? Why does he keep running out? You would think that by now he’s learned he doesn’t like it!!!Hope you find him.

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