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At long last, Taskjitsu is here

The software that I’ve worked on for nine years off and on is finally fully released.

Behold… Taskjitsu!

If you help run a software development or consulting organization, please take a look at the product summary, feature list, and screenshots.

Taskjitsu is The Art and Science of Tasks and Time. It tracks tasks (bug reports, feature requests, work assignements), and tracks time (timesheets, pay periods). It can do payroll accounting and time billling by project and customer.

This started out as a Microsoft Access application, went through a Perl larval stage, and emerged as a Java web application. It survived the death of the company I used to work for (they released it under the GPL before turning the lights off; it remains GPL’ed freeware today).

My company, PKR Internet, is providing commercial support for Taskjitsu.

Pepper Spider

Pepper Spider

This little guy popped his forelegs out of the hole in the pepper just before I cut into it. Note the web inside the pepper. Some water had pooled in the bottom, providing a complete ecosystem for the spider. This pepper (including the unharmed arachnid) went into the compost heap after this photo.

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Puma is back once more

Hurrah Again!

On Thursday, September 1st, 2005 we found our cat Puma, who had been missing since Sunday, August 28, 2005. Once again, he was under our shed. He was definitely not there on Monday (Patricia and I both looked), nor did he meow in answer to our calls in the intervening days, but today I took another look just in case. He seems none the worse for wear, except that his collar is missing.

He’s now resting comfortably:

This is the second time this summer we’ve lost him
and recovered him.