This week’s events spawned a new household rule: no sword fighting at the breakfast table.


8 thoughts on “16”

  1. of course, my question would be whether this was a rule that came about due to grownups’ activities, or children’s? >;)

  2. Children’s. They put down their spoons and took up the wooden swords someone had left upon the table and started fencing over their breakfast cereal. It started to distress my girl, so I had to put my foot down.

  3. We caved at the Renn Faire. Our boy saw the other kids with swords and Had To Have One!!! And of course, if El Jefe had one, then the Dynamo desperately needed to have one too. Then El Jefe decided a sword was not enough; he needed a shield as well in order to be a real knight. So, both of the kids got wooden shields with dragon designs on them, which theoretically we will paint one of these days. Then he decided he needed a helmet and armor as well, but there were none to be found in kid sizes.

    The folks at the Renn Faire made a lot of money off of us that day — and other people too, apparently. The ATM actually ran out of money.

  4. i wanted to get Will one, but wouldn’t let me. *pout* just wait til i have my own kids, i’m not gonna let her do ANYTHING fun with them. 😛

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