You probably already know this

Both my kids are home sick from preschool today. I haven’t shaken the cold that has made me so miserable for the last week, either.

My little girl just came up to my chair, and exclaimed twice “I lost my marbles!” I said “Where did they go?” She answered “I don’t know!” I offered to help her search for her marbles. She pointed towards the magazine rack, saying “They are in the magazines.” We looked there and found them. Now she’s crowing “I found my marbles!”

I think we’ll be finding marbles in strange places for months to come.


8 thoughts on “You probably already know this”

  1. aww, i’m sorry you guys still aren’t feeling well. you all need more orange juice.
    i found my marbles the last time P & A were here, oddly enough.

  2. That’s a truly cute story.

    Have you tried that Zicam stuff, it’s supposed to shorten the length and severity of colds.

  3. Better legos in shoes than in the toilet.
    When Will was 2, I watched him walk through the family room carrying a mega-block over his head. I was sleepy and did not follow him. Then I heard a flush and an adorable “Oh my goodness!”

    The $180 plumber bill to get the thing out of my pipes was not quite as adorable.

  4. LOL! My list of plumber bills include extractions of 2 pacifiers, a hair pick, a small drink cup, and a buzz lightyear.
    Kids keep you on your toes!!! I plan on paying them back when they are old enough to date by retelling these stories at dinner.

  5. I think that’s just you. You may be suffering from lingering aftereffects of viewing too much Gaudi in Barcelona.

  6. or perhaps withdrawal from the stunning and unparallelled beauty of the Alhambra. America has nothing man-made than compare to that aedifice.

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