Linked In to LinkedIn

I’ve just joined LinkedIn, a business-focused social network, with this profile.

If you participate in LinkedIn, please add me to your network.

Does anyone have positive (or otherwise) experiences they would be willing to share about LinkedIn?


8 thoughts on “Linked In to LinkedIn”

  1. all i ever get from it is junk mail – them asking me to invite other people and why haven’t i updated in awhile, and wow, look what is new at Linked in! – that sort of stuff.

  2. It is nice to be able to get in touch with some of the people I’d worked with previously. I’ve not had an opportunity yet to use it for the “networking” aspect.

  3. I’ve used it to put people in touch with VCs focused on a specific space. Beyond that, nope.

    Sent you an invite. 🙂

  4. I’m building up my network now, and I don’t receive any unwanted junk from them, so I like it. I’m not currently looking for another job, but I figure the work I put in now may have dividends later.

  5. Hey, I don’t know what email address you use! Send me an email at lia @ webslayer . net so I can link to you.

  6. I don’t get any messages (junk or otherwise) from them. It’s helpful for me to stay in touch with people that have left my company. I haven’t been contacted by any headhunters.

  7. I swear I friended you a long time ago, it didn’t take or something ‘n I just noticed. So there. >:)

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