Monthly Archives: February 2006

Google Talk – Jabber interoperability test, anyone?

Is anyone using Google Talk for IM yet?

If so, remember that you can list your gmail address as a Jabber IM account in your LJ profile.

I’m not on Google Talk, but I am available on Jabber at Correction: If anyone would like to help me test interoperability between Google Talk and Jabber, pleaset let me know.

Relieved from jury duty (possibly for Moussaoui case)

Late last year, I received a jury summons for the Federal District Court in Alexandria, with jury selection to be done on Monday, February 6th, for a petit jury trial expected to last from the beginning of March through late May. I got out of it by writing a plea to be excused. The relief I felt on learning that I would not have to serve has doubled since a friend pointed out that the jury selection for the Moussaoui trial’s death penalty phase was in the same place and at the same time as my summons. They never would have seated me on that jury, since I believe that the fair application of the death penalty is not possible in our criminal justice system (even supposing that state-sanctioned killing of criminals is moral and just, a debatable point.) At least I got to spend the afternoon with my kids, and some of our neighborhood friends, instead of filling out 46 page questionnaire that would have disqualified me from serving on this jury after all.

Even so, I’m ambivalent about getting my way on this. Someday, I’d be proud to serve on a jury, but taking care of my two preschool-age kids (who have only part-time child care arrangements) and being the managing partner of a small business, while my wife tostita goes to grad school full time, would have made it next to impossible for me to serve on any jury.

Here’s the plea-for-excuse letter I wrote last fall, lightly edited to fix the minor typos and errors that snuck into the letter I actually sent.