All about duct tape

Last weekend at saftetypup‘s fabulous kite-making party, we used duct tape to help make our kites. I mentioned that you shouldn’t actually use duct tape for HVAC applications, and that duct tape was originally called duck tape, and got some mighty funny stares.

Originally, soldiers used this sort of tape in World War II for sealing ammunition cases.

Fortunately, the web is chock full of good information about duck/duct tape.


A truly gruesome (not really for) kids book

Modern illustrater Bob Staake has reinterpreted Struwwelpeter, a book of cautionary tales. From the reviews and excerpts, this looks simultaneously gorgeous and incredbly creepy. Imagine if you will a story about a tailor who will cut off your thumbs if you suck them, told to little children.

(yanked from BoingBoing)

Logan Circle church double-parking crackdown may be on the way

Today the Washington Post ran an article describing an upcoming police crackdown on illegal double-parking in Logan Circle. Chuchgoers from Maryland line the streets with their cars two-deep in that area on Sundays, and increasingly, on other days. When I’ve been driving in that area on the weekend, I’ve always been amazed that people could get away with this in a city that is otherwise zealous about parking enforcement.

caligaridc has been an activist on this subject recently. Go caligaridc!