All about duct tape

Last weekend at saftetypup‘s fabulous kite-making party, we used duct tape to help make our kites. I mentioned that you shouldn’t actually use duct tape for HVAC applications, and that duct tape was originally called duck tape, and got some mighty funny stares.

Originally, soldiers used this sort of tape in World War II for sealing ammunition cases.

Fortunately, the web is chock full of good information about duck/duct tape.


3 thoughts on “All about duct tape”

  1. these were my favorite Fun Facts(tm):

    In Norway duct tape is widely known as MacGyver tape due to the popularity of the tv series.

    Other names for duct tape (including the Scandinavian, “Jesus Tape”) have been documented at length by The Duct Tape Guys.

  2. I actually found the linked information about duct tape to be quite fascinating. Is this a good thing?

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