Even the Washington Post has dead links sometimes…

Just after I finished giving earowe a walkthrough of Mambo, I visited The Washington Post and was amused by the difficulty that even a multinational news organization faces when using a content management system.

Washington Post screenshot behind cut


A sad day

My father passed away at 6:30 AM this morning, after a long and complicated illness. He was in Orlando, Florida, with my stepmother, Tina. My sister Margaret just posted a couple pictures that I helped scan and clean up.

I have three sisters, Margaret, Brenda, and Susan. I have not been able to reach Susan with the news yet, she doesn’t seem to be home. Margaret, Brenda and I got together today with our children and made peanut-butter-bird-seed-pinecone bird feeders.

(Dick Bullington with Patrick Bullington-McGuire, his grandson, on 9/4/2003)

R.I.P. Richard Lunson Bullington Jr., Born Dec 24, 1932, Died April 8, 2006.