Even the Washington Post has dead links sometimes…

Just after I finished giving earowe a walkthrough of Mambo, I visited The Washington Post and was amused by the difficulty that even a multinational news organization faces when using a content management system.

Washington Post screenshot showing '* Bullet Link Goes Here' errors

My company focuses on content management systems, both big and small. I can only imagine that the Washington Post CMS must be a real monster, hard to tame completely.


2 thoughts on “Even the Washington Post has dead links sometimes…”

  1. funny. this is also one of my areas of expertise. wp just switched out their CMS last year and went the home-grown route. just so ya’ know. i heard it from a little bird.

    i started with one of the 3 originals (as you know). i have built 3 extensions to custom systems since then. and now i’m evaluating CMS vendors for a current client.

    who woulda thunk?

    i’m kicking the tires on a few right now and have done an extensive amount of research in the current market.

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