Around the end of this year or the first week of 2007, tostita and I are expecting a third child. I heard the heartbeat at our midwife appointment this week.


34 thoughts on “Bullington-McGuire++”

  1. Thanks! I must admit that the thought of Patricia and I being outnumbered by the wee ones is a bit intimidating.

  2. does this mean i can stop being coy about where my job went? 😉 also, see icon, re: being outnumbered.

  3. i’ve only actually told Jenise about why my job is going away, even though quite a few people have asked me.

  4. The depths of my fear of being outnumbered are pretty profound, but most of the people I know from families of > 2 children always make me think my own childhood with a distant older brother was terribly lonely and that we should have another.

    Anyhow, congratulations! Woo hoo! Embrace the whirlwind!!

  5. then you are sharing my b-day. it’s OK.

    does anyone find that frightening.

    sowwy 😉

    my nephew was born on my 30th b-day. craziness.

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