City of Heroes

For the past few months, I’ve been playing City of Heroes / City of Villains, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, where players create costumed superheroes and villains and either protect or pillage Paragon City, Rhode Island. I’m interested in finding more people to play with that I know outside the game. My global chat handle is “@Redeemed Fiend”, and I play mostly on the Pinnacle and Freedom servers.

 plays too, with the global chat handle “@Short Cyrcuit”.

My 5-year-old son enjoys creating characters with me. Many of the toons that I play come from our joint character creation sessions.


1 thought on “City of Heroes”

  1. Sadly several people you know play on Victory.

    These people include: 224215152, theantichrist and syntart.

    If you decide to create a character on Victory talk to @Labattadm and i’ll hook you up with a VG/SG invite.

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