Feisty Diva in the news

Our very own

 got written up in an article in today’s WashingtonPost.com on Gothic fashion:

“Goth designers Feisty Diva and Nyla are creating Goth outfits in the full spectrum of neon-bright colors, ranging from Electric Kool-Aid Purple to Attic Insulation Pink.
   And Feisty Diva is creating Goth outfits worthy of a Vegas showgirl — dresses made of pink feathers and fake fur and a huge headpiece that she calls Medical Miracle, which is “a melange of tubes, syringes and scissors.”

Attic Insulation Pink? I have the theme from The Pink Panther running through my head now.


2 thoughts on “Feisty Diva in the news”

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for posting about it! This is a complete surprise.

    (Actually, I suspect they don’t even realize Feisty Diva/Peacock Blue Design Studio is in the Metro DC area.)

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