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Recent Latin from the Vatican site

Thanks to the Vatican, I could write this in Latin:

I had an affair with the hostess in hot pants. We met on the jet, just after she used karaté to subdue the terrorists. Kamikaze bastards! They will never see outside the gulag again. They fought to stop us all from enjoying the high life: golf in Scotland, the discos of Spain, and mangoes eaten while on safari.

Her shampoo smelled like vermouth; her eyes were as bright as a laser shining off a bidet.

(The actual translation into Latin is left as an exercise for the reader.)

Here are some of my favorites from the lexicon, with some translation from Italian to English where needed:

affair (tryst) iuvenīle errātum
apartheid segregátio nigritarum
bidet ovāta pelvis
blue-jeans bracae línteae caerúleae
cigarette fístula nicotiāna
computer instrumentum computatórium
disco taberna discothecária
golf thorax láneus manicatus
gulag campus captivis custodiendis
high life élegans vita; láuta vivendi rátio
hostess vectorum adiūtrix; aëria ministratrix
hot pants brevíssimae bracae femíneae
jet aërināvis celérrima
kamikaze voluntárius sui interemptor
karaté oppugnátio inermis Iapónica
laser instrumentum laséricum
malaria malus aër; morbus palūstris
mango mangífera Índica
minigolf pilamálleus minūtus
mountain bike bírota montāna
pizza placenta compressa; placéntula
playboy iúvenis voluptárius
punk punkianae catervae ássecla
rocket rádius ígnifer
rugby ludus follis ovāti
safari Africana venátio
sangría pótio mixta Hispánica
shampoo capitilávium
spaghetti pasta vermiculata
strudel pomorum placenta
terrorist tromócrates (-ae)
thermos lagoena calefactória
traveller’s cheque mandatum nummárium periegéticum
train hamaxóstichus
vermouth absinthiātum
VIP amplíssimus vir
vodka válida pótio Slávica

Anyone have interest in co-working?

I’m intrigued by the possibility of participating in a co-working arrangement in the Washington, D.C. area. Boing Boing recently highlighted a BusinessWeek article on co-working. I really enjoy working from home, but there will come a time when I need to move my office out of the house. Co-working seems like a good way to enjoy the social and networking aspects of working at an office with some of the advantages of enjoying cafe culture.

If you work from home, or out of coffee shops, would you have any interest in participating in one of these arrangements?

I’ve added my name to the DC co-working wiki as an interested party.