Anyone have interest in co-working?

I’m intrigued by the possibility of participating in a co-working arrangement in the Washington, D.C. area. Boing Boing recently highlighted a BusinessWeek article on co-working. I really enjoy working from home, but there will come a time when I need to move my office out of the house. Co-working seems like a good way to enjoy the social and networking aspects of working at an office with some of the advantages of enjoying cafe culture.

If you work from home, or out of coffee shops, would you have any interest in participating in one of these arrangements?

I’ve added my name to the DC co-working wiki as an interested party.


1 thought on “Anyone have interest in co-working?”

  1. aw, man. my first reponse was, “that sounds great! sign me up!” and then i thought about the fact that my freelance time is spent with headphones on, needing quiet to hear the dictation… d’oh. but that does sound like a cool idea, and i hope it takes off!

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