Norah with Kitties

Norah with Kitties

So cute…


11 thoughts on “Norah with Kitties”

  1. awww… nice to see she’s got a personal masseuse sleeping with her. >;) (also, that the kitties are happy sharing the crib with her, and vice versa.)

  2. lots of high pitched noises that resembled “squeeeee” came out of me…

    SO adorable… all of them!

  3. i am so very jealous of your sleeping baby in crib. mine only sleeps on the sofa or in my arms and not in his overpriced moses basket ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Until Norah was three months old, she never slept in the crib. She would sleep in our arms, or in a baby sling, but never in the crib. Sometimes it takes a while for the wee ones to sleep soundly enough to be able to detach them and actually put them down.

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