Social networking update: feedback sought

I have been using LinkedIn for about a year now, and I’m impressed with the breadth of people I know who now have LinkedIn accounts. I wonder what other social networks people I know participate in.

Does anyone I know participate in Facebook? How about MySpace (other than my youngest sister and the professional musicians I know)?

Are there other social networks that are gaining momentum with my peers?


14 thoughts on “Social networking update: feedback sought”

  1. I’m on LinkedIN

    I’m also on Facebook and MySpace and Tagworld. I’m still enamoured with Facebook so I’ve not moved on beyond that right now.


  2. I have a Myspace acct, but I only got it because my husband (who is a musician) has one, same reason really why he has a lj. It’s there, but I wouldn’t say I “participate” in it.

  3. I’m on Facebook as Beth Wojiski. I have a link to my MySpace page under my user info. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have a MySpace account that I only use to keep track of a couple of my friends from my teens. It is also useful for checking out up-and-coming bands.

    I do not have a Facebook account and I do not want one.

  5. i’m on facebook, friendster, tribe, livejournal, flickr, yahoo 360, linkedin, myspace, twitter, delicious,, and about a dozen others. it’s a work thing (well, and a nerd thing).

    i actively use flickr, lj, linkedin, and delicious. twitter might be being added.

  6. I have Friendster, Myspace, and Flickr accounts, because various friends have requested I get them in order to connect to their accounts. I’m not active on any social networking service other than Livejournal (which I also started at the request of a friend) though, because I’m just as introverted online as I am off. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. I have a MySpace profile, but it’s more to park myself there because EVERYONE needs to be on MySpace.

    I should consider Linkedin, to be honest.

  8. Wow, your vegetable love is growing vaster than empires. Which do you find most useful for professional contacts?

  9. As a fairly new LJ member, I still dislike the whole concept and find LJ’s user interface to be cumbersome and tired. However, I ONLY joined to stay current with the folks I know, esp those I don’t get to see often enough. LJ at least passes on that regard, so I have no use for those other offerings.

  10. I am on LinkedIn and Facebook.

    I am on LinkedIn because one of my business partners seems to worship his network. Ok, that’s a bit unfair, but he does seem to value a big LinkedIn web.

    I am on Facebook because I registered one day a long time ago in order to see something on it that one needs one’s own account to see. Then later someone whom I know, uh, “poke”d me or something like that, and within a few days I had my own little Petri dish on that site. Prior to that I thought that those sites were for ignorant young girls to post personal details on, or for perverted stalkers to find ignorant young girls.

    My new Facebook network informs me that the aforementioned phenomenon is a MySpace thing, not a Facebook thing ๐Ÿ˜

    –Keith Brafford

  11. for purely professional, linkedin. facebook may be catching up, but it’s hegemonic qualities are annoying me.

    delicious is best for *learning* from your contacts, which is a whole different ball of wax.

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