Adventures in configuring Mac OS X

Initial setup went smoothly, except that I have yet to get the Mac Mini to use DVI directly to connect to my ViewSonic VP2130b LCD monitor. I had to use the DVI-VGA adapter to get it to display at all. Then again, I’ve had trouble getting my ThinkPad Z61p to use that input consistently, too.

This computer came shipped with Mac OS X 10.4.10.

Thanks to the help and advice I’ve received, I now have these applications installed:

I was able to get to some of the shared files on our private network, but not the Samba home directory shares. I got the system to authenticate versus our corporate LDAP server without a big fuss (through Utilities…Directory Access).

The ports system is now happily building the prerequisites for Bacula so that I can get a good backup of this puppy.


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