The Guns of Arlington Cemetery

I was getting to a slow start this morning, having gone back to bed after helping get the kids to school. Then the slow cadence of a 21-gun salute coming from the east woke me, and I stopped feeling quite so bad for myself, my inadequacies, my impatience, my frustrations. Many were having a far worse start to their day, and someone’s day wasn’t starting at all.

I’d like to thank the U.S. military this morning for one hell of an alarm clock.

Yesterday while fiddling with Google Maps, the corner of Arlington Cemetery where my father’s remains rest caught the corner of my eye. The imagery is detailed enough to see the garden in the maze of the Columbarium where his ashes lie. I think I will visit soon.


2 thoughts on “The Guns of Arlington Cemetery”

  1. After April 16th, I promised myself that I would do the best I could as a tribute to those
    who no longer had the chance. It’s taken me a while to live up to that promise, but
    taking the big step and moving down here was part of it (for which your comments
    on my “questioning what to do” post were invaluable.)

    Point is, reading this post, I’m reminded of that, of making the most of the things I
    get to do and not letting life overwhelm me. As bad as it gets, I’m still around to deal
    with it, which is a gift.

  2. Thanks, I’m glad to help. Being around to live life is indeed a gift.

    How are things working out in Georgia?

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