Power outage at Obscure / PKR HQ

erg. Hope power company fixes things soon.


One Laptop Per Child / Scratch Demo

Recently I’ve been involved with the One Laptop Per Child Learning Club D.C.. I’ve met some interesting people there, including Mike Lee, Wayan Vota, Leslie Bradshaw, and ffm (Firefoxman).

At the March 2008 meeting, I made a presentation about the class I’ve been teaching, Creative Computer Exploration with Scratch. Scratch is one of the activities available on the XO. After the presentation, Mike Lee took a short video of Patrick and I demonstrating a couple Scratch projects, including the Dragon Swirl project. Here’s the video:

Mike Lee also wrote a summary of that meeting and the presentation.

At the April meeting, I announced that The Obscure Organization had made available a public Jabber server for the D.C. OLPC community.