Yes, yet another power outage. Grrr.

I’m not enjoying the severe weather this spring, that’s for damn sure. Obscure and PKR are down. I’m crossing my fingers that things come up cleanly in the middle of the night.


6 thoughts on “Yes, yet another power outage. Grrr.”

  1. I’ve been contemplating A: hosting my site and B: buying a real generator, hooked to the gas line for fuel and with an automatic transfer switch for the house power.

  2. I’ve thought about getting a generator, they run about $3-8K installed, apparently. That was on the list for capital improvements this year, but certain events have put a damper on new big projects.

    Thankfully power came back after about 23 hours, but the frozen Xen VMs did not come back up 100% clean, time was off and sendmail was hanging on tiamat, I had to do an ‘xm destroy tiamat; xm create tiamat’ to rejigger things in the Xen dom0.

  3. We’ve had enough extended power outages here that the generator has gotten pushed up the list. Outages of less than a day seems “short” to us, lets just say. Were you looking at just letting Dominion do the work, or had you looked at other companies?

    I rather gave up on Zen for my site. Just have the one on the hardware at the moment, and don’t really have enough memory to justify much of anything “extra.” And, it would do weird things after power outs, so I went back to just one OS on the hardware.

    You considered hosting at all?

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