Obscure.org back up

Obscure.org was down for about 4 hours yesterday morning. We lost the previous 6 hours of data due to a fatal failure of the disk array. I restored from backup onto borrowed hardware. We are still mulling our options regarding repair, replacement, or other choices regarding what hardware we will be able to use over the long term.


8 thoughts on “Obscure.org back up”

  1. What’s the config and what failed? The failure sounds more dire than an internal RAID controller. Was it an external array? HP/CPQ, or something else?

  2. It was an HP DL380 G3, a 2U 6-drive server, and the internal RAID system has had two fatal failures in the course of a month. In both cases, disks that showed as failed came back up as not failed after a power cycle.

  3. You ask nicely, and we give an account. See below:

    Thanks for your interest in joining Obscure.

    The Obscure Organization is a non-profit corporation that promotes
    community and creativity through technology. Obscure operates Internet-
    connected computer servers that provide a variety of resources and
    services, including free accounts, for those wishing to expand their
    knowledge of new technologies and share their artistic expressions
    with the world.

    Obscure takes donations to help offset the costs of running the various
    network systems, services, and connections that make it possible to
    provide resources to the public for free. The suggested donation per
    user is $50/year. A donation of $20 or more will give you membership
    privileges. If you can contribute more, that’s great. Obscure members
    help guide the organization by electing the Obscure board of directors.

    Obscure does not require a donation in exchange for an account.
    Every little bit of money helps, though.

    Obscure accounts must not be used for for-profit activities. Please
    read more about this in the Obscure FAQ:


    If you are interested, there are three basic ways to formally request
    an account: by making a donation using PayPal, by PGP-encrypted mail,
    or by postal mail.

    1) Send a donation using PayPal, and provide a confirmed shipping address.
    In the comments section, list your three choices for a userid. We will
    send you your account welcome package via postal mail, including a
    password for the service. You can donate from this page:


    2) We will accept email requests for accounts, but only if they are
    PGP-signed, and we have your PGP public key. We will then return the
    account information to you in PGP-encrypted mail. This way, your password
    stays secure. For more information about PGP, please see:

    http://www.pgp.com/ The main PGP site
    http://www.pgpi.com/ The International PGP site
    http://www.d.shuttle.de/isil/gnupg/ For a free PGP replacement

    3) To request an account by postal mail, please send us a self-addressed
    stamped envelope, a letter requesting an account, and (if you can afford it)
    a donation.

    If you request an account by PGP or postal mail, please include in your

    * three choices for a userid (use letters and numbers only, no spaces)
    * your full legal name, address, and phone number
    * a declaration that you are at least 18 years of age.

    We will mail you back a password by either PGP mail or postal mail.

    Make any checks payable to The Obscure Organization, and send your
    letter to:

    The Obscure Organization
    300 S Jackson St
    Arlington, VA 22204-1737

    We don’t have disk quotas now, but 20-40MB is reasonable. We don’t
    allow IRC bots or extended disconnected use of the screen program.
    We require that you use your account only for lawful purposes.
    We want Obscure to further the education of everyone using it, and
    if you have a cool project that we might be able to help you with,
    let us know.

  4. Thanks – Mr. Dan mentioned this link as well. I’ll bug Kirstin or someone about it – didn’t realize it involved operating systems and things I have no experience with. I’m pretty deep in MS and yahoo mail right now 🙂

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